Psychopaths in Literature


Stine Due Jensen


Murder, violence, blood, screams of pain and an absence of empathy are what we often encounter in literature when the picture of a psychopath is painted. You can often tell that real psychopaths are a source of inspiration for the psychopaths we come across in literature. Jack the Ripper is a classic example of this, but there are many others.
This book is designed to be used at several educational levels in English literature and psychology in upper secondary or high school, as well as further education colleges and adult education centres, or in interdisciplinary courses.
In the course of the book the reader will get a picture of the different ways psychopaths act in literary works, from the Bible, to folk songs to contemporary novels such as for example American Psycho.
Working through the book involves reading and analysing texts that revolve around psychopaths, preparing a timeline of different works that deal with the subject psychopathy, preparing personal characteristics in digital posters, film in iMovie and much more.


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