Fantasy - Magic and Other Elements of the Fantasy Genre


Stine Due Jensen


Most people find the magical world of fantasy captivating. Nothing is as it usually is, which is why it is quite normal in fantasy to come across trolls, elves, giants, elements of magic, bloody combat, etc. But what characterises the genre and how did it develop? By explaining these questions, the book leads readers to the focal point where they apply this knowledge to write their own fantasy short story.
Through working with the book, the reader will gain insight into the genre's special characteristics as well as knowledge of how these fantasy features are used in books, films and games. The reader will read and analyse texts, recognise genre traits, historical literary features and much more. The tasks in the book are diverse and use various app's, for example, posters are produced in the Pages app, mind maps in Popplet lite and audio in Shadow Puppet. All the tasks are gathered together in the reader's own book about fantasy in Book Creator. These tasks lead the reader forward to the point when they are able to produce their own fantasy short story. To this end, assistance is provided along the way from fantasy writer Christina E. Ebbesen, who through short videos guides the reader and shares her experience of writing fantasy.
The book is designed to be used on several educational levels in English classes in 8th, 9th and 10th grade, upper secondary and high school,  further education colleges, adult education centres or multidisciplinary courses in English. The book can also be used as a part of other courses such as, for example, a course on the fairy tale genre.


Grundskolen (8. - 10. klassetrin)
• Viden- og færdighedsmål:

Tekst og medier.
• Eleven kan vurdere engelsksprogede tekster i forhold til genre og sprogbrug.


Engelsk (A)
Et bredt udvalg af litterære tekster fra forskellige perioder.
Engelsk (B)
Analysere og fortolke litterære tekster, ikke-litterære tekster og mediestof, herunder film, med anvendelse af faglig terminologi.


Engelsk (A)
• Et bredt udvalg af litterære tekster fra forskellige perioder.

Engelsk (B)
• Forskellige typer nyere litterære tekster, ikke-litterære tekster og mediestof, herunder film

• Tekstanalytiske begreber.


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