Cracking the Code


Jytte Isaksen


Cracking the Code refers to genre codes - that each genre has some characteristics by which we, the readers, recognize them. Each genre has its code – e.g. a review, a column, a letter to the editor, a character sketch, etc. In more recent works, you often see several genre codes in use at the same time.
By working through the book, the reader will achieve an understanding of the concept of genre and the codes related to different genres. The tasks in the book set the stage for the reader to increase their own knowledge by experimenting with different genre forms. In one of the tasks, the reader has to produce their own autobiographical poem, in another task elements from a letter to the editor have to be used in a digital poster/ Glogster. The tasks are very diverse but they have the common theme that the reader has to work on producing new digital products. At the conclusion of the book, the result of the work with different genres are gathered in the reader’s own ePub.    
The book is designed to be used at several levels of English teaching in secondary schools (grades 6 – 10 in USA), upper secondary or high school, as well as further education colleges and adult education centres.


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