Where Do Apples Come From?


Søren Andresen


What does an apple consist of? How is an apple formed? How much energy is there in an apple? Where does the energy come from? These are some of the questions that are answered in this book about apples.
The book works around the basic biology of plants, plant cells, photosynthesis, cellular respiration and growth. In the course of answering the questions, work is also carried out on chemical bonds and the atoms and molecules that an apple consists of.
The reader is actively involved in working through the book and has to, among other things, investigate the formulas of molecular structures, produce posters and articles. In addition, there is experimental work for which written records have to be kept.   
The book is designed to be used at several levels of science teaching in secondary schools (grades 6 – 10 in USA), upper secondary or high school, as well as further education colleges and adult education centres.


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