Using Equations - Simplification and Formulas


Ann Karina Broholm Kristiansen


How are equations used in practice? How can a mathematical expression be simplified? How can the values be calculated when the result is known?

In this book, simplification and equations are worked with based on the formulas for area and volume and using the topic of picture frames as a common thread throughout the tasks. 
The rules of working with parentheses are reviewed and the order of operations is presented in relation to which operations cancel each other out as well as which order should be followed when solving an equation.
Videos and illustrations have been used for both academic purposes and assigned tasks to support and promote understanding. The tasks are set up so that the work focuses on the process of problem solving and its being shown and explained by using text, sound and images. Along the way, the reader creates their own book on the subject.

The book is designed to be used for multiple levels of mathematics teaching in middle school, secondary school and adult learning. It can be used in interdisciplinary courses or mathematics projects.


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