Chemical Compounds - Elements and Chemical Reactions


Søren Andresen


You have probably experienced that material can change over time. Perhaps you have come out to your bicycle and found that the chain is rusty. But why has the chain rusted? A chemical reaction is responsible for that. But what kind of chemical process is that and why does the process actually happen? These are some of the questions that this book answers.

The book deals with some classical chemistry topics such as the model of the atom, the periodic table, and various types of chemical bonds.  This will include working on specific issues. The reader is actively involved in working towards understanding the book’s contents by, among other things, developing models of atoms, creating posters, seeing and doing experiments as well as making film and animation.

The book is developed to be able to be used in various levels in science teaching, primarily from ages 12 and up through adult education. It can also be used as a supplement or revision for courses

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Chemical Compounds - Elements and Chemical Reactions

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