The German Invasion of Denmark - April 9, 1940


Tommy Stave Hansen


Denmark was invaded by Nazi Germany on April 9, 1940. But what was the background to the German invasion, and what really happened on the actual day and in the days leading up to the invasion? It is commonly assumed that there was little resistance, but is that true? The book, The German Invasion of Denmark - 9th April 1940, focuses on the question of whether there was any resistance to the invasion and to what extent. 
Through working with the book, the reader is given a historical insight into a period in Danish history that has left a deep mark on the Danish national consciousness, and which has been of great importance for subsequent Danish foreign and security policy. Throughout the book, the reader will work with various source materials and associated tasks in order to gain an understanding of historical events and their significance.

In the course of the book, there is a focus on knowledge, not only being conveyed in the text but in a variety of interactive elements such as images, film and motivational  tasks. The reader is actively involved in addressing the questions by, for example developing video interviews in iMovie and creating posters and leaflets in Pages.

The book is designed to be used at several levels of history classes from age 12 through adult education as well as interdisciplinary courses and projects related to the subject of military history and the second world war.

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The German Invasion of Denmark - April 9, 1940

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