EU and Democracy- Influencing Across Borders


Lasse Lehmann Saatterup


With film, images and animations, the book EU and Democracy focuses on democracy in the European Union. Through working with the book, readers will obtain an understanding of the origins of the EU, its purpose, its structure, and how politicians and others perceive democracy in the EU. 

The tasks in the book lead the reader to actively learn by carrying out work on lobbying and influencing the EU's laws and regulations. The digital products produced through working with the book - including presentations in Keynote and Explain Everything, posters in Keep Calm etc - are used by the reader in their lobbying and influencing the EU. 

The book is designed to be used at several levels of history and social studies classes from age 12 through to upper-secondary or high school, as well as further education colleges and adult education centres, and interdisciplinary courses related to the subject of EU and democracy.


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